About Cingularity

Nimble, Flexible and Purpose-fuelled

Cingularity is a media network provider which designs and delivers custom broadcast solutions for remote production to ensure its customers are always live.

We exist to bring entrepreneurial thinking to create perfect connectivity solutions for our customers.

We operate a global network and have in-house remote production expertise to provide dependable solutions from the pitch to the screen.

Frustrated with some of the limitations of the corporate telecom world, we came together with the shared desire to have the freedom to create sustainable broadcast solutions for our customers.

We now blend the robust skills and experience of an established network provider, with the nimble, problem-solving approach of a start-up.

This freedom to be agile and drive to be better each day encourages each member of the Cingularity team to bring their best selves to work – work that is so much more meaningful when it’s purpose-fuelled.

Nurturing the right culture for us to grow and remain true to who we are is important. To help us stay on the straight and narrow we underpin our work with four key principles:

Our Principles

We make things easy

We do what’s right. We are straightforward, reliable and say what we mean.

We like know-how

We see expertise as an ongoing process. We listen actively and keep on learning.

We think freely

We want the best for our customers and know we have the autonomy and creativity to make this happen.

We push for marginal gains

We know it takes vision, precision and persistence to make things better every day.

We do what’s right

We’re not driven by arbitrary monthly targets or commission-based sales. We’re not slowed down by bureaucracy. We’re incentivised by creating the best connectivity solutions for our customers – not the easiest or ones with the greatest margins.

We engineer things properly from the get-go. We believe the whole is greater than the sum of its parts and actively seek out collaborations that enhance problem-solving and deliver better results for our customers.

Cingularity Network

Our core network incorporates nodes in the US, Europe and Asia. Additional temporary circuits are deployed during events to further enhance redundancy.

What we do

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Sustainable broadcasting

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