What we do

We operate at each stage along the remote production workflow – offering a full spectrum of end-to-end services


End-to-End Remote Production Services

We know that every event is different. Be it the local connectivity challenge, the arena set-up or the camera feeds. There is no one size fits all for this kind of work; no off-the-shelf solution.

That is why we operate at each stage along the remote production workflow and also offer each component of the chain as a stand-alone service. A remote production ‘pick ’n mix’, if you will.

The Full spectrum

We operate at each stage along the remote production workflow

Full Service Venue Parter

We take the role of an OB, but our fibre network is our truck.

Through managing the remote site technical and camera operations we are able to streamline the workflow to ensure cost savings. By having an overarching view of the project we are able to reduce and inefficient overlaps.

We work with our own inventory where possible and complement with third party rental specialists when required.


Encoding for Contribution and Distribution

We have optimised our network for low-latency JPEG2000 contribution encoding and have this capability deployed across our network.

For primary distribution solutions we work with the most suitable vendor for the project in question and are currently evaluating new vendors in our lab in London.


Building on Extensive Industry Knowledge

The personal telco relationships the Cingularity team have nurtured since the 90s allows us to source the best commercial and technical local access solutions, wherever we are in the world.


Meticulous network Design

Our 100% perfect network availability record is due to design, not luck.

Our core video network connects North America, Europe and Japan and is built with 100% availability in mind.

Resilient network design is in our DNA and our terrestrial nodes are therefore connected with minimum dual redundancy, and submarine routes with a minimum of triple redundancy.


On-net Acccess to Multiple Global Facilities

Our network connects to our live production gallery partners in the US, UK, Germany, Denmark and Sweden with capabilities ranging from 6 to 50 cameras. These are equipped to handle full remote production scenarios including shading and tally light control.

With Cingularity’s ultra-low latency network and encoding, these studios are able to operate with less than 1/10th of a second’s delay from venue locations.

With the travel restrictions caused by Covid19, our aim is to ensure production crews can remain in their respective countries.


Primary Distribution Over Public and Private Cloud*

VIDEOIX allows broadcasters and content owners to send and receive ultra-reliable broadcast quality video.

It has been designed with the necessary robustness to allow use as a primary means of distribution.

The service facilitates multiple access methods (direct dual private cloud connectivity, public internet, or public cloud) and is designed to connect via any cloud or direct connection.

* In development


Diverse Content Capture

We build custom solutions to best meet the broadcasting need and offer a specialist multi-feed event coverage service that enables in-the-moment, diverse content capture: the foundation for multi-perspective viewing for our customers’ customers.

Time is a precious commodity in live events. We make things easy. We adapt to each situation and make a plan in real time when the unexpected happens (which it often does in live TV).

Cingularity do all of this in a way that aims to lessen the growing impact of live events on the environment.

* LIVELAB development

We believe in forming our own opinions of technology, and to adapt it to suit us rather than the reverse.

Previous projects have included creating network cleaning functionality to help secure video throughput on poor quality local access networks without noticeably sacrificing latency.

We are currently evaluating encoding vendors to develop a solution for low bandwidth but high quality/low latency scenarios.