Sustainable broadcasting

We specialise in low-carbon remote production and support our media partners in achieving their own ESG goals.


The Cingularity Way

Being a sustainable business, in the broadest sense of the word, is intrinsic to how we set up Cingularity. As a start-up we have the benefits of beginning as we mean to go on. We have a clear purpose to our business and we include proactively addressing our environmental and social impacts as part of delivering this. 

As a small, agile and multinational company we enjoy being able to attract international talent. We operate as a distributed team and support individuals to work productively from where they are based. This means less ‘commuting’ with all the environmental and wellbeing challenges that can bring, and greater workforce diversity.

Key to our way of working is engineering things properly from the get-go. We believe the whole is greater than the sum of its parts and actively seek out collaborations that enhance problem-solving, innovation and deliver better results for our customers. 

Our core offer – remote production for the live broadcasting industry – has sustainability benefits baked in from the beginning. We use our LiveLab to support our principle of marginal gains and seek iterative improvements to how we deliver the best solution for our clients and the environment.

Sustainability Benefits of Remote Productions

Environmental Challenges

The pressures of climate change and biodiversity loss are likely to increase animal-borne diseases such as coronavirus and malaria.

More frequent extreme weather and pandemics are likely to cause more travel restrictions.

Aviation is likely to become more expensive in order to help combat climate change and conserve resources.

Little consideration is given to the carbon emissions created from generators, or where beautifully crafted props spend the rest of their days.

Broadcast Industry Opportunities

The continued coverage of multi-national events is a vital part of international development. Cingularity is dedicated to play its part in supporting SDGs through connecting the world through major events which showcase cooperation, fair play and passion.

Cingularity is positioned to lead the way towards large scale remote production driven by the media industry’s shift towards sustainability.

Digital media is still growing, technology continues to evolve and consumers are becoming more mature in the digital space themselves.

The Media Industry’s Environmental Impact

  • Running diesel-powered broadcast trucks into city centres is becoming untenable.
  • Companies are under increasing pressure to report and reduce emissions across their entire value chain. For media companies, this includes digital downstream emissions.
  • Increased consumption of digital services – advertising, publishing, broadcasting – is leading to an increase in the energy use and carbon footprint of the digital media sector.
  • Complex and constantly shifting technological systems underpinning digital media delivery presents a barrier to effectively mapping and measuring its carbon impact.
  • Media content passes through content delivery networks, data centres, web infrastructure and user devices (to name just a few) with each element of the delivery chain having different owners.


Sustainability Benefits in sport

Premium live sports events have been looking to undertake more sustainable broadcasting through remote working for some time. Tournaments that involve a global circuit of events often move large volumes of equipment and vast numbers of people from city to city, country to country, or continent to continent. The potential savings in cost, time, and environmental impact are huge

The one genre of programming that stands to benefit the most from remote production is sport 

Digital Production Partnership

Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

Sport is an important enabler of sustainable development and contributes upward social mobility, health, education, social inclusion and peace…

Streaming and televising sport promotes tolerance, respect and the empowerment of women and young people, individuals and communities…

2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

At Cingularity we are committed to meeting our own ESG requirements and to support our media partners in achieving their own goals. Contact us below to request our latest environmental policy statement.

Creating an environmentally sustainable screen industry is an exciting opportunity. It is no longer about doing ‘less bad’, this is about creating the conditions for ongoing success.