Fast transatlantic fibre connectivity helps customers deliver real-time broadcast media content to the world

Cingularity is constantly enhancing its network capability to ensure that we can deliver beyond the expectations of every broadcast media customer. Our aim is always to ensure that perfect remote production data reaches the customer’s production hub every time, for every event.

Today, we are glad to announce officially that Cingularity is working with Global Cloud Xchange, which is helping us deliver fast transatlantic fibre connectivity, as we add another 10Gbps transatlantic wavelengths via its FA-1 South Subsea cable system between London and New York.  

Cingularity has built its own 10Gbps core network in Europe and the US with robust data-centre capabilities in every region, which is connected across the Atlantic via three diverse routes, including the GCX cable system.

“Sporting events attract some of the biggest audiences worldwide, so it is therefore critical for us to guarantee smooth, uninterrupted access for these viewers. With the help of GCX’s highly reliable Global Network and its proven media capabilities, we are confident that we will deliver an unrivalled viewing experience to our viewers and sports fans”

Dan Pope, Managing Director, Cingularity

Read the full news announcement at GCX:
Global Cloud Xchange and Cingularity to Deliver Broadcast of Sporting Events Across the Globe